Three Second Test 🕑

How often do you wait for a website to load more than a few seconds? How much time to you spend looking up information on a website?

The truth is most people don’t spend much time reading or searching through websites. This principle of ecommerce is simple – if you cant find it, understand it,  or have it load in three seconds or less – you have lost your audience.

Find It

This could be as simple as finding store hours, a phone number, email address, or an amenity. Can a user find what they are looking for easily? Do they have to click through several pages and read through paragraphs of text to find info they are looking for?

If it takes too long, you’ve lost me. Time to buy on another website…

Understand It

Is your website easy to understand? Can a person find and digest the information you are trying to convey easily, or will they need to call for clarification? Can the message be said simply? Lots of websites bury information in paragraphs of explanation when the question could be answered in very few words, or at the glance of a photograph.

Website visitors shouldn’t need to take more than a few seconds to find the information and only a few seconds again to understand the message.


Website Speed / Load Times

The #1 reason why users leave a site is because it loads too slowly.

Google estimates on average that 25% of website visitors will leave a website if it takes longer than 3-4 seconds and over 50% for sites that take longer than 7 seconds to load. Not every internet or cellular connection is peak performance 50mbps or 4G LTE. Not every users has the latest and greatest iPhone X or Google Pixel 2. Don’t forget the users who are on older devices and slower 3G cellular speed connections.


Test your site here:

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