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A Ferrari Without An Engine 🏎️

A Ferrari without an engine refers to a website that scores 100/100 on design and 0/100 on ecommerce.

The beautiful Ferrari – website design
The ENGINE – ecommerce

Simply put, design-only websites struggle to perform for a number of reasons in terms of SEO and ecommerce. To have a high-performing website there needs to be a balance of design, search engine optimization, and ecommerce principles – the engine inside the car. Without an engine your car can’t move.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is focused around exposure and getting customers to your website.

No customers. No sales.


Ecommerce is all about the ability to transact quickly and easily on the internet.

If users cannot transact – there is no commerce.

Below is a simplified example of the power a small increase in website conversion can produce enormous results in transaction volume and online revenue.

1.25% Conversion Rate 1.5% Conversion Rate
Bookings 500 700
Monthly Revenue $100,000 $140,000
Yearly Revenue $1,200,000 $1,680,000

That’s a yearly increase in revenue of


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