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Agile Process

My problem solving style is simple.

  1. Break your problem down into the simplest parts and learn everything you can about how it functions, or how you need it to function.
  2. Develop a strategy based on what you know and welcome necessary change as you meet challenges.
  3. Implement the strategy and measure results.
  4. Make it better than before through thoughtful iterations based on the results you see.

I really believe the best creative work and problem solving is done while the product is in actual use. You could plan for a year and come up empty handed on results and have to go back to the drawing board.

My philosophy is to get into the game quickly and make changes rapidly until the best possible result is attained.

Many great ideas started as something many people thought would go nowhere. The iteration process allows you go take an idea, have it grow legs, and eventually turn into an olympic sprinter.

Failure is part of the journey towards the best possible result.

When you fail you learn. When you learn, you get better. When you get better, you grow.

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