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How To Reset Your TripAdvisor Reviews

In order to reset your TripAdvisor reviews, your hotel has to have gone through a major renovation. If this is true, here are the steps to submit this to TripAdvisor and have old reviews and all photos associated with them removed from your listing.

1. Log into TripAdvisor.com/owners (your business portal)

2. Click on “Help & Settings” and then “Contact TripAdvisor” from the drop down menu

3. Select your property

4. Under “Issue” select “Update Business Information”

5. Under “What do you want to do?” select “Report major renovation”

You will need a press release that’s been submitted and live on the internet that you can reference.

CAUTION: wiping reviews from your listing will not always create a positive result. For help evaluating whether you should wipe reviews contact me at [email protected]

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