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5 Critical Factors For Hotel Website SEO

1. Selecting The Right Keywords

It’s not just about picking the highest volume keywords to target. Your keywords need to be relevant to your business and also need to be realistic to your product and location.

Search volume is important, but if you don’t stand a chance to rank on the first page of search results for the keywords you are targeting – it’s a waste of time.

When it comes to search engine results it’s page 1 or nothing.

Do an incognito search for the keywords you are targeting. If the websites on page 1 are not similar to your product offering – you are targeting the wrong keywords.

2. Unique Content

Content is KING – the biggest cliche in search engine marketing, but it still holds true and always will.

Websites with useful rich content that’s easy to consume will outperform other sites hands down. Rich content can be text, photos, video, FAQs, testimonials, reviews, and anything else that engages your audience.

Differentiation is key!

You have to differentiate yourself from your competitors quickly. It’s the best way to capture visitor attention and drive direct bookings.

Guests shop many sites during their travel planning process. In the hotel business you’re not only competing against other hotels, but also OTAs (Online Travel Agents: Expedia, Booking.com, TripAdvisor) who are trying to steal bookings from your website for a juicy 20% commission.

Having a clear and concise value proposition on your website is critical for capturing user interest and driving direct bookings.

What is your unique selling proposition?

3. Responsive Site Is A Must

The days of hosting separate desktop and mobile website are over. Google now pulls indexing data from the mobile site first, since most web traffic comes from mobile devices.

People who have two sites:

Desktop: www.mywebsite.com and a mobile subdomain: m.mywebsite.com

are very likely to see drastic SEO performance drop. Several major brands experienced this including one of the big 3 hotel brands. Don’t watch your SEO work evaporate because you are running on outdated technology.

Upgrade to a responsive site today!

4. Ultra-Fast Load Speed

Google avidly promotes that up to 30% of visitors will drop off your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Make sure it does or you are losing customers!

Not all websites will be able to load in 3 seconds, but making sure your load speed is optimized is crucial. It’s a huge search engine ranking factor, and is likely to only get more weight in the algorithm as time goes on.

5. Website Structure & Navigation

The navigation and structure of your website is critical for your website experience. It dedicates how people use it and find information on your site. Poor navigation creates a bad user experience, people leave your site, and search engine rankings fall.

What you may not know is that Google search engine bots also look at the structure of your website. Search engine rankings can be greatly effected by poor website architecture and HTML markup.

Here are some of the top factors:

  1. Crawl – can bots reach and crawl your site?
  2. Mobile optimization – do you have two websites? One mobile and one desktop (bad idea). Is your content optimized for mobile devices?
  3. HTML language markup – do you use titles and paragraphs to organize your content thoughtfully?

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